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Panache Vi (League of Legends Fan Art Skin)🐯 - WIP

A fan art skin I imagined for Vi. She's always been an important character for me and I wanted to design a skin that would solidify her as the ultimate badass: fierce, slick and stylish. It's partly inspired by traditional Japanese art and a Yakuza-style aesthetic amongst other things. After seeing Anastasia Mardumova ( and Leon Ropeter's incredible fan skins ( I was hugely inspired to try and push the quality of this as much as I could afford to and make her feel complete. It's not fantastic but this was fun and fulfilling. This is fan art. Vi and League of Legends are property of Riot.

Kurtis knight panache vi ingame65

In-Game Turnaround

Kurtis knight initial concept gauntlets01
Kurtis knight initial concept

The initial concept came from a warm-up sketch :)

Kurtis knight panache vi refboard

Reference - I own none of these images.